Actofit Nutritional Scale review: A good food scale, but still needs some work

If I told you that a kitchen weight scale could be an essential part of your fitness journey, you might scoff at the idea. After all, in Indian kitchens, most scales only come out when baking is involved. I first started using kitchen scales during my journey to lose weight after pregnancy. For the first three months of the nutrition programme, I weighed every food item down to grams. I did this to ensure I stayed within the calorie limits set for me. The approach worked for me, and since then I have grown to value the kitchen scale much more. So when I saw that Actofit had a nutritional kitchen scale that displayed the exact calorie and nutritional value of each item weighed on it, I was intrigued. But does the Actofit Nutritional scale do the job well? Here’s my review.

Actofit Nutritional Scale review: What is it, and how does it work?

This kitchen scale is unlike the regular ones you will find in the market. You can connect this via Bluetooth to the Actofit app, and then check the nutritional value of a food item. The scale easily connects to any phone via Bluetooth. I used it with my iPhone. The scale supports several units, such as ml, grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, and fluid ounces. You can place any utensil on it, press tare to ensure the utensil’s weight is cancelled out, and then place your food item inside to measure it. There is a dedicated Unit button to help you calculate the nutritional value in the unit of measurement that you prefer.

The Actofit app where you can see nutritional value for each food item you weigh. (Screenshot from the app)

Actofit Nutritional Scale review: What’s good?

The scale looks nice and polished compared to a few others that I have used in the past. The wooden finish on top gives it a premium look. It is accurate when it comes to measurements as I compared the numbers with another scale I use. Connecting to the app is also easy, and you can easily see the amount of food on the scale reflected on the app. Then just tap on the chosen food option to see its nutritional value. The nutritional data it shows for items appears to be in line with what you see on other apps.

Actofit Nutritional Scale review: What could be better?

What’s not great about the app is that it does not support many food options. For instance, while there’s an option to see the nutritional value of chole bhature, I can’t find the same for boiled chickpeas or for baked chicken breast, which is something I would typically measure when on a diet. Or even just sugar. If you want to see the calories of some raw uncooked ingredients, then the options are limited. The app is sluggish to respond, at least on iOS. At times, when searching for a food item, it would freeze, which is annoying. The smart element on this scale clearer needs some polishing.

Actofit Nutritional Scale review: Should you buy it?

If you are looking for a slightly fancy and smart kitchen scale, the Actofit Nutritional Scale is a good option. But you are paying a premium of Rs 1,999 here. While the idea is interesting, the execution needs to be better. The app needs to be faster and should include more data points.

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