‘Dynamic Island’ zoo: Apollo’s digital animals add more fun to Apple’s pill

Apple’s Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max may be one of the best implementations of the notch. On a smartphone, but the application of the same doesn’t end with Apple’s interactive multitasking features of the new expanding pill. Third-party developers have now begun using Dynamic Island as a platform to give rise to their own implementations.

A neat example is Apollo, a Reddit client for iOS. The app has now brought in a new feature that lets you add a digital animal on top of the black Dynamic Island pill which will accompany users while they read through threads. The animal will move around, sit in one spot, and also do some actions, adding a fun touch to the feature.

You can also change the animal from a cat to a dog, hedgehog, fox or an axolotl, allowing for some customisation. Developer Christian Selig also mentions that users who have an older iPhone and no Dynamic Island can still use bring the animals to their lock screens via the new iOS lock screen widgets.

Unfortunately, it seems the animals will only be confined to the Apollo app, but the feature is a peek into the endless possibilities that the Dynamic Island can be used for within different apps.

Apple’s Dynamic Island is open to developers to add more features to, so we expect more apps to integrate both the space around the black pill as well as the expansion of the pill itself to bring more intuitiveness and perhaps fun to their apps.

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