Google Pixel 7 series benchmark hints at what to expect from new Tensor G2 chip

Earlier in May this year, Google gave us a glimpse of what the Pixel 7 would look like. The smartphone is now set to launch next week along with some other Pixel-series products during Google’s October 6 event. Among a new design and some other changes, the Pixel 7 is expected to be powered by a new in-house Tensor chip.

Now, just weeks ahead of the launch, a new benchmark has surfaced on the internet giving us a glimpse at what the new Tensor G2 chipset on the Pixel 7 series might have to offer. According to Android developer Kuba Wojciechowski, Tensor G2 will use the Cortex-A55 CPU cores, which also powered the first generation Tensor.

In a recent tweet, Wojciechowski mentions that the Tensor G2 has slightly faster clock speeds, and when combined with the 4nm process node, the chip might increase the multi-core performance by about ten per cent, while having the same level of single-core performance as the first generation Tensor.

Coming to the GPU, the Tensor G2 features the Mali-G78, which might be 20 per cent faster and use 20 per cent less power compared to the GPU on the first-generation Tensor. Google might also include an improved TPU codenamed ‘Janeiro’, which might help the company deliver improved AI experiences. The Geekbench also suggests that the Pixel 7 Pro might have 12GB of RAM.

The tipster also suggested that the tech giant has already received some early samples of the third generation Tensor codenamed ‘zuma’, which will allegedly be fabricated on Samsung’s 3nm GAAFET process node. During Google’s annual fall product launch event, the company might also debut the first Pixel Watch alongside new Pixel earbuds.

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