Sony PlayStation 5 rumoured to get removable disc drive in 2023

We’re nearly two years into the PlayStation 5 era and stocks of the newest Sony console are still not as easy to find as most gamers would like. However, Sony is still working on the PlayStation 5 and alongside new games, we are now also reportedly going to see a new design variant of the console.

A new leak by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson via Trusted Reviews suggests that Sony is working on a new, slimmer PS5 model that will come with a detachable disc drive that players will be able to insert CDs into. The drive will likely mean the end for the disc-edition PS5 consoles, which have an asymmetrical look thanks to an attached vertical disc drive on the side.

The report also says that this detachable disc drive will be sold separately for Digital Edition PS5 owners as well. Those who get the same, will be able to plug it into the USB Type-C port on the back of the console and use disc games seamlessly.

The detachable PS5 accessory would also be a boon for Disc Edition owners, who will now not have to get a new PS5 altogether should their disc drive get damaged. Meanwhile Digital Edition owners will also now be able to get the extra attachment should they wish to own certain games physically instead of digitally.

Note that this information is a rumour for now, and Sony has neither confirmed nor commented on the same as of now. Currently, the Sony PlayStation 5 is available in the same two Disc and Digital variants, but remains to be a low-in-stock purchase and a scalper favourite.

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