Local Focus: Dave Hill on Candidate Camera

Meet Dave Hill, the Whanganui District Council candidate saying 99 per cent of scientists are wrong on climate change.

Watch the full Local Focus interview for Dave Hill’s views on the region’s biggest issues, and our less important quickfire questions.

While climate change is firmly established to be a threat to humanity Whanganui District Council candidate Dave HillR says rats are the greatest threat to our biodiversity and climate change is not worth fixing.

“There are a lot of scientists I think that were coerced and forced into signing papers by political parties and groups with a vested interest in climate change.”

This counters the accepted understanding that fossil fuel companies are the world’s worst polluters and have been found to have attempted to manipulate journalists and the broader public by “muddying the evidence”.

On other matters, Hill – who is leaning towards supporting the Act Party – suggests the council could invest in mini buses instead of operating 40-seater buses that have only two or three people in them.

“Smaller vehicles would be cheaper to operate, and also less emissions as well.”

On a personal note, Hill says he prefers to use an iPad over pen and paper, “even though I’m a bit of an old dinosaur”.

Other candidates chose to not be interviewed by Local Focus.

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