Heavy traffic on Southern Motorway from breakdowns hinders tow trucks’ response

Motorists could be sitting in traffic for an extra 35 minutes due to several breakdowns on Auckland’s Southern Motorway. Photo / Waka Kotahi

Tow trucks struggled through heavy traffic, caused by breakdowns on the Southern Motorway during the Friday rush hour ahead of a one-off long weekend.

Waka Kotahi says motorists should expect 35-minute delays travelling southbound on State Highway 1, as traffic could stay heavy into the evening.

A breakdown blocked the left southbound lane just after the Papakura off-ramp, the transport agency reported about 4pm.

Towing services were “still making their way through heavy traffic” to the breakdown at 5pm.

A separate breakdown happened on the same motorway just after the East Tamaki off-ramp, which has since been cleared.

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