Rotorua shooting: Credence Malcolm charged with Korrey Whyman’s murder

Korrey Whyman was shot and killed and now someone’s facing a murder charge. Photo / Andrew Warner

Name suppression has lapsed for the man accused of killing Kawerau woman Korrey Whyman.

The accused is Credence Paripari Malcolm, 30, from Rotoiti.

Malcolm was granted interim name suppression when he appeared for the first time in the Rotorua District Court on Friday last week.

His lawyer, Max Simpkins, asked he be given interim suppression on the basis of extreme hardship for family reasons.

Simpkins said his client hadn’t had the opportunity to tell his family about the charges and it would be preferable if he could have time to do so to ensure they didn’t read it in the media.

Crown prosecutor Anna McConachy said she only agreed if it were for a period of seven days, not until his next appearance in the High Court on December 2.

Judge Greg Hollister-Jones agreed and Malcolm’s name suppression lapsed today.

Malcolm faces three charges including murder and two counts of discharging a 20 gauge shotgun at Mourea with reckless disregard for the safety of others.

All three charges relate to alleged offending on September 25 at Rotorua.

Whyman, from Kawerau, was shot inside a vehicle as it travelled on State Highway 33 towards Mourea early on the morning of September 25.

She received a serious gunshot wound to her head. The 28-year-old was rushed to hospital but died from her injuries.

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