AC maintenance tips to stay cool this summer

Summer season has started to set in early in the country. The Indian meteorological department has announced heatwave in Konkan regions already including Mumbai, the daily heat index is showing concerning trend. The temperatures are soaring, and the humidity will increase in Northern and central states between March and May. Therefore, many leading brands are launching cooling appliances like AC with enhanced features for changing weather patterns.
Even before the season, there is a growing demand for air conditioners being witnessed by the industry. It becomes imperative to be aware about the usage of air conditioners in an appropriate manner to ensure comfortable, healthy indoor environment without being a hole maker in the pocket.
Some ideal and important tips that can make a big difference this summer season.
Consider Energy star rating as the important aspect
To save consumer money from long-term perspective, brands are innovating and introducing AC’s with inverter technology with higher star ratings so that it can save up to 20-30 % of electricity over a regular air conditioner. The yellow sticker adorns the front of the air conditioner has all the information including the star ratings, ISEER, electricity units consumption in an year. The number of stars represents inverted energy consumption; higher the number of stars, the less power consumption there will be.
The star rating is the most important aspect to consider when planning to buy an air conditioner. The purchase decision of an AC should be based on the amount of usage required. Apart from efficiency, environment sustainability is another factor that is ensured by the star rating. Hence, for a better longevity of the product, it is suggested to choose a tech upgraded product with higher star rating.
Pay attention to regular servicing & selection of the right location for your air conditioners
Due to complex technological mechanical system, the regular servicing of air conditioner becomes important. While buying an air conditioner, priority should be given to ease of service as per the location. To ensure hassle free functioning of the appliances, routine check-ups and service, choice of brand plays a major role. To enhance the life of an air conditioner, it is recommended to clean the AC air filters and wash up outdoor unit at an interval of 7-15 days. Neglecting the basic measures can lead to an upsurge in the electricity bill by 25 percent.
Inverter Technology and innovative features for tech savvy consumer
Consumer needs have taken a paradigm shift since the COVID scenario, products with features that enable convenient, smart, and economical are preferred mostly. Due to continuation of hybrid work model for many working consumers, they now look for products that make their lives easier and connected. Owning to these reasons, invertor technology air conditioner helps maintain the desirable temperature for dry, coastal regions. Another benefit, it consumer less power depending on the room’s remoteness from external hot air. Eradication of purposeless operation of air conditioner is another best feature about inverter air conditioners. Inverter ACs are aligned with the compressors speed and performs better extending efficient, comfort cooling.
The ideal air conditioner temperature is 24°C
As per the guidelines provided by BEE, it is ideal to maintain the AC temperature at 24°C to sustain the electrical load on the compressor, temperature preservation and lowering energy consumption. It is important to note the considerations such as room temperature, outside temperature, and the AC temperature which may lead to energy consumption. This simple technique of setting the AC temperature can save about 23 billion units of electricity.
Right location selection
Often consumers are not cognizant of the fact that right location for air conditioners are important not just aesthetics. Room size and room’s exposure to the sun should be taken into consideration for optimum performance of AC. The air conditioner needs proper passage to release heat generated by the motor and compressor. This additional step also helps in lowering the power consumption.
In today’s scenario hygiene is at the fore and lead brands to innovate their products that ensures a healthy environment. The technological advancement has helped to align with the current times. Some of the features include plasma protective shield and puro air ionizer. To conclude, the consumers seeking products that are energy efficient, connected, and ensure safety & hygiene.
Alok Tickoo Executive Vice President, Lloyd

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