Carplay: How Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have become the ‘most in-demand’ feature in cars

Gone are the days when a run-of-the-mill ‘stereo’ system satisfied car owners and drivers. Touchscreen-based infotainment systems have become a staple in cars and buyers now want Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as the driving factor (no pun intended). A recent report by Straits Research adds credence to those claims. According to the report, automotive infotainment is one of the fast-growing technologies in the auto industry. “The expanding demand for mobility services (like ride-sharing or taxi services), the rising demand for luxury cars, particularly in emerging economies like India, and the increased emphasis on comfort, convenience, and safety are the main reasons propelling the market’s expansion,” notes the report.

Almost every new car has Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

As per the report, almost 98% of new cars are compatible with CarPlay or Android Auto. The report also notes that 80% of prospective buyers prefer having Apple-powered or Android-powered infotainment systems. “Major premium automobile manufacturers are working to improve the current infotainment systems or provide better hardware to stand out to keep their devoted customer base,” states the report.
In India, from entry-level segment cars to premium cars, infotainment systems have evolved tremendously in the last few years. Connected cars are becoming the norm and the infotainment system remains the driver.
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two popular in-car systems that allow you to use your smartphone’s features through your car’s infotainment system. Both systems offer a variety of features, including navigation, music playback, and voice-activated controls. However, there are some key differences between the two systems.
Apple CarPlay is designed to work seamlessly with Apple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. The interface is similar to the one you’re used to on your iPhone, and you can access apps, including Maps, Music, Messages, and Phone. CarPlay also supports third-party apps, such as Spotify and Waze.
Android Auto is designed to work with Android devices. The interface is similar to the one you’re used to on your Android device, and you can access apps, including Google Maps, Google Play Music, and Google Messages. Like CarPlay, Android Auto also supports third-party apps, such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Waze.
Here is a table that summarises the key differences between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto:

Feature Apple CarPlay Android Auto
Compatibility iPhone Android devices
Interface Similar to iOS Similar to Android
Supported apps Maps, Music, Messages, Phone, third-party apps Maps, Music, Messages, Phone, third-party apps
Availability In select cars from most major automakers In select cars from most major automakers

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available in both wired and wireless versions. The wireless versions are more expensive, but they can be more convenient.

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