Copilot: Microsoft brings its AI assistant, Copilot, to Windows 11: What this means for users

Microsoft is bringing Windows Copilot, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual assistant, to Windows 11. The Windows Copilot is pretty much like the Copilot that the company has already announced in Edge and its Office apps suite. There will be a familiar sidebar wherein users will be able to ask questions and the Copilot will answer.
“We are introducing Windows Copilot, making Windows 11 the first PC platform to announce centralised AI assistance to help people easily take action and get things done,”
Windows Copilot will be integrated directly into Windows 11 and it can be accessed from the taskbar at any point of time.
“Once open, the Windows Copilot sidebar stays consistent across your apps, programs, and windows, always available to act as your personal assistant,” said Panos Panay, Microsoft’s head of Windows and devices.

“It makes every user a power user, helping you take action, customise your settings, and seamlessly connect across your favourite apps,” he added.
Windows Copilot availability
Windows Copilot rollout will start in preview for Windows 11 from June onwards.
How will Windows Copilot work
Windows Copilot will be available in the taskbar and once a user click it, the sidebar stays available to the user across apps, programs and windows – just like a personal assistant should be.
The Windows Copilot tool is just like Bing’s AI chat, which users can use to accomplish tasks within the OS — like turning on the night light mode, or changing your desktop background — without having to go hunting for them inside “Settings”.

“The things you love about Windows – copy/paste, Snap Assist, Snipping Tool, personalisation – they are all right there for you, along with every other feature on the platform, and they only get better with Windows Copilot,” the company said.
Windows Copilot can also summarise documents. Users can ask Windows Copilot questions “from simple to complex” and Copilot will return answers.

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