GATE 2023 results announced: Chek toppers’ list here

NEW DELHI: The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2023 results have been announced, and the toppers list has been published by the Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kanpur.
Among the top performers are Yash Kishorbhai Joshi in Aerospace Engineering, Shreya Bhardwaj in Architecture and Planning, and Jayadeep Sudhakar More in Computer Science and Information Technology. The toppers in other disciplines such as Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Physics have also been recognized for their outstanding performance in the GATE 2023 exam. The complete list of toppers with their respective scores is available below.
In Aerospace Engineering, Joshi Yash Kishorbhai secured the top position with a score of 73 and an All India Rank (AIR) of 988. Anshika Rai topped Agricultural Engineering with a score of 49 and an AIR of 1000. In Architecture and Planning, Shreya Bhardwaj secured the first position with a score of 75.67 and an AIR of 1000.
Thandava Sesh Talpa Sai Sunkara topped Biomedical Engineering with a score of 60 and an AIR of 1000. In Biotechnology, Aishwarya K secured the top position with a score of 79.67 and an AIR of 1000.
We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the GATE 2023 toppers on their remarkable achievements. We hope that their success will inspire many more aspirants to strive for excellence and achieve their goals.
Candidates, who took the examination, can check and download their results online on the official website —
The exam was conducted on February 4, 5, 11 and 12, 2023 across multiple cities in India. GATE is a highly competitive exam that tests the technical knowledge of candidates in various engineering disciplines.

Paper:Sections Name Marks Score
Aerospace Engineering Joshi Yash Kishorbhai 73 988
Agricultural Engineering Anshika Rai 49 1,000
Architecture And Planning Shreya Bhardwaj 75.67 1000
Biomedical Engineering Thandava Sesha
Talpa Sai Sunkara
60 1000
Biotechnology Aishwarya K 79.67 1000
Chemical Engineering Rohit Bhagat Kalwar 92.67 1000
Chemistry Atanu Das 72 981
Civil Engineering Suban Kumar Mishra 83.11 1000
Computer Science And Information Technology Jayadeep Sudhakar More 93.67 1000
Ecology And Evolution Karthik Thrikkadeeri 84.33 1000
Electrical Engineering Bhanwar Singh Choudhary 66 1000
Electronics And Communication
Siddharth Sabharwal 90 1000
Engineering Sciences: Solid
Mechanics & Thermodynamics
Anshuman 83.67 952
Environmental Science And Engineering Devendra Patil &
Manish Kumar Bansal
64.33 (Both) 953 (Both)
Geology And Geophysics: Geophysics Shubham Banik 85.67 1000
Geology And Geophysics: Geology Manish Singh 74 1000
Geomatics Engineering Saurav Kumar 66 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Economics V Gaurav 83.33 989
Humanities And Social Sciences: Psychology Deepti Dilip Moar 84 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Linguistics Keerthana Nair 74.67 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Philosophy Sreeram K N 72.67 1000
Humanities And Social Sciences: Sociology Tejasvi Kamboj 73 943
Humanities And Social Sciences: English Sayantan Pahari 84.33 1000
Instrumentation Engineering Akash Srivastava 78.33 968
Life Sciences: Biochemistry & Botany Advita Sharma 73.33 1000
Mathematics Suvendu Kar 50.33 941
Mechanical Engineering Aryan Choudhary 90.67 1000
Metallurgical Engineering Ashutosh Kumar Yadav 85.67 973
Mining Engineering Udit Jaiswal 63.33 973
Naval Architecture And Marine Engineering Shivam Ranjan 60 1000
Petroleum Engineering Mahammadtaukir
Alauddinbhai Karigar
74.67 963
Physics Arunendra Kumar Verma 75 1000
Production And Industrial Engineering Sh Gowtham Gudimella 87.33 938
Statistics Nikhilesh Rajaraman 73.67 1000
Textile Engineering And Fibre Science Amit Kumar Pandey 66 1000

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