Henderson police shooting: Hoons interrupt reporter at Gull station after guman’s rampage

Hoons interrupt a 1News live cross after a violent day on West Auckland streets. Video / TVNZ

A car doing a burnout has interrupted a live news report from the scene of a violent rampage in West Auckland today that ended with police shooting a man dead.

Te Aniwa Hurihanganui was reporting for One News from the Gull petrol station in Henderson, the scene of the gunman’s earlier bungled robbery of an Armourguard van, when the squeal of tyres could be heard.

Soon smoke began billowing from the BMW, which was on the forecourt of the petrol station, as Hurihanganui completed her report.

An eyewitness told the Herald he had earlier seen the car revving its engine as it was driven past police guarding the scene.


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The hoons’ behaviour did not go unnoticed, with residents of West Auckland taking to social media after the live report.

“Someone looking for their five minutes of fame,” wrote one.

“That’ll be the guy that’s about to lose his licence,” another offered.

Many appeared to find the video amusing, labelling it “funny as” and “hilarious” despite the grim context of the earlier shooting.


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The driver performed the burnout despite the gravity of the day's events. Photo / One News
The driver performed the burnout despite the gravity of the day’s events. Photo / One News

Gunman’s ‘inexcusable’ act of violence

The armed offender who was shot by police died in hospital this afternoon after an attempted robbery of an Armourguard van led to an armed rampage across multiple suburbs and ended in a confrontation outside the Henderson Police Station.

The man had undergone surgery and was in critical condition at Auckland Hospital where he died this afternoon.

Police today described the man’s actions as an “inexcusable” act of violence.

The man fired at police “on at least seven occasions” and possibly shot at members of the public, Waitematā District Commander Superintendent Naila Hassan said. One police officer suffered injuries after he was shot at while in his police car.

The drama unfolded shortly after 10am when the man attempted to rob the Armourguard van.

Armed officers approached the man when he arrived at the Henderson Police Station.

The man was holding a firearm and was subsequently shot.

“We would like to acknowledge the impact that today’s impact has had on Henderson and the wider community,” said Hassan.

Police were reviewing the incident, and the Independent Police Conduct Authority had been notified as well as WorkSafe.


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