Overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities

Embarking the journey of transformation & change and navigating dynamic business landscape, traditional HR tasks, practices and strategies are getting displaced with many new and fitting ones. 

Today, more than ever businesses are recognizing the need of HR as a frontrunner, in addressing the talent needs at global arena. From stronger employee engagement, development & retention, to imbibing a culture of empowerment and innovation everything is underpinned by resilient HR competencies. Against this backdrop let’s take a quick stock of strategies that can be adopted by modern day HR to traverse the journey of business operations – 

Leveraging emerging technologies

 No longer can we isolate HR from technology. If AI, data, automation, social media, and mobile technology is the name of the game, then HR needs levelling up too. Hosting virtual events, training programs, to creating virtual on-boarding experience for new-hires and immersive experiences that engage and inspire employees, HR can up its game of efficiency by implementing and integrating technology lead tools and practices which will go many steps further in enhancing employee experience and simplifying business operations.

Training & development: 

By providing opportunities to managers to build capacity and equipping them with necessary skill sets to manage & engage with their teams can lead to reduced heart burn and more conflict resolution on a day-on-day basis. Such initiatives then make the processes more people centric and efficient. 

Recognition and employee engagement: 

Implementing strategies that are oriented towards rewarding, acknowledging, and recognizing employees, competitive compensation packages and growth & development opportunities go a long way in managing turnovers and exits. If played well these tools can become important armor in HR’s gear to retain top talent. 

D& I 

Diversity & Inclusion is just not a conversation or lip service. Conducting D&I trainings and workshops to adopting inclusive hiring practices, creating employee resource groups, can ensure bias free environment at workplaces and encourage high level of participation, attracting and retention of diverse talent pool. 

Building well-being and resilience 

‘People impact businesses’ 

To build and grow employees in whose hand lies the baton of organization’s success is imperative. So, investing in their wellness and resilience capabilities such that they are better equipped to deal with issues like mental health, stress and burnout, is a must. By creating support resources, programs, groups, tools and activities/ programs that can help them develop skills and nurture habits to positively influence & transform their well-being is a top priority for HR professionals and must be looked into proactively. 

Managing flexible work arrangements (FWAs)

The rise of FWA’s is not new, however the pandemic has taught us some life lessons, that have changed the connotations attached to hybrid or flexible work for good and forever. This has led to prioritizing of human element and further leading to talent development and culture transformation. Thriving workplaces have well adapted and gripped the change with maturity and respect. HR policies that ensure good remote and hybrid models, are inclusive, equitable and meet the needs of the employees; are of paramount importance. 

Value-based leadership 

True leadership is best expressed through the vantage point of leaders or senior management. To lead others, one must be able to lead oneself first. 

HR that promotes a culture of transparency, authenticity and accountability can pivot the business on grounds of ethics, morals, and social responsibility too.  

This means subscribing to values like- 

  • Self-reflection i.e. the ability to look within and strive for greater self-awareness 
  • Empathy by cultivating an ability to see situations from different viewpoints so there is a fuller and balanced understanding. 
  • Humility or equanimity by way of treating every individual equally.

In the end I would like to wrap by saying, while much is changing at a lightning speed be it technology, environment, needs of today, priorities, expectations etc. there is one thing that remains constant, which is the core of it all and that is the ‘people’. So, let’s place our bets high, be intuitive, trust more and invest in training and supporting them, so their capabilities are maximized, potential is honed, and skills are developed, and hearts are nurtured. 

As massive disruptions continue to happen, let’s not forget that a lot of it will not be in our control, however, there still will be some that we can work to understand. All the above will lead to raise ‘employees of tomorrow’, so let’s not shy away from playing our individual part. 

As they say, 

“Train people well enough so they can leave.

 Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Sir Richard Branson 



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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