That is what I want on Mother’s Day

Flowers, Card, Jewelry – These might be the results that Google is throwing up on “Gifts for Mother’s Day” but what mothers across the globe really want is not listed on Amazon.

It all starts from the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and according to science goes on till the child is 6 years of age. University of Warwick published research after studying sleep in 4659 parents who had a child between 2008 and 2015 where they said that women slept an hour less than pre pregnancy in first year of marriage and it was still 30 minutes less at age 6 of child 1; what if child no.2 comes in sometime during this period, then the mother is sleep deprived longer.

Women’s brains are wired differently- in addition to being stronger on empathy, intuition, collaboration, self-control and showing concern -women are also more prone to anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders thanks to increased blood flow to the limbic areas of the brain. Combine this with motherhood and you have a recipe for a mother who is awake at 12 midnight making list of all the things she needs to do mentally, waking up to cross off some right away and then being woken up by the most beautiful sound in the world- “Mom”

As marketers we have not done any favors to mothers, we have put them on a pedestal calling them supermoms, she is doing it all, working, taking care of the kids, shopping, running the house and keeping up to social pressures.

But as moms we need to identify this pattern and come out of it

  1. Monitor your sleep-invest in a good mattress, carry a neck pillow to catch up on sleep wherever you can. Get a nice throw on that couch and catch a catnap when your body refuses to move. Allow yourself whims and fancies. Enforce an early bedtime routine for the family and yourself.
  2. Divide work with partner- If your partner needs to be told to do chores, it might feel easier to do it yourself but it hinders long term growth in relationship. Make a list, plan out your daily activities , it might not change this week but will definitely move in the right direction and show progress in the long term.
  3. Device Free- The temptation to check on Instagram, consume content , post pictures at night is tough to resist but keep that blue light away because it stimulates the brain keeping you awake longer than you intended. It is never one last reel, there is always another one.
  4. Fuel the day- Immediately after waking up go out into sunlight, keep as much light seeming in through the day instead of being in gloomy dark rooms. Control your circadian rhythm to ensure that the brain is well used throughout the day. Monitor caffeine and ensure non consumption post 5 pm. A routine and habit forming helps in aceing life management.

Accepting the problem is the first step, being aware of your own sleep needs and acting on it makes you a good mother because a groggy mom is low on patience, is less active in painting and is not an active chatter at the breakfast table. Realigning active time is only making us a better mother so let’s invest in ourselves for us and our kids.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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