The secret diamond

Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy merchant named Laddu Pinto. He lived in an astonishingly beautiful, large mansion. He was well-respected in his community for his riches, good nature, and unbounded generosity.

Laddu had lost his mother very early. This was the only sour corner in his life. In memory of his beloved mother, he used to do something special every year on her birthday. This year, he held a grand feast and invited all the important people in town. He knew this would be a great way to pay obeisance to his mother.

The day of the feast arrived, and the mansion was filled with guests. The merchant spared no expense in preparing the dinner, and the food and wine flowed freely. As the evening wore on, the guests became increasingly boisterous and engaged in lively debates. Children had a hundred things to get amazed at. Every participant was kept fully mesmerized and entertained all through the party.

Amid all the celebrations, Laddu Pinto suddenly stood up and picked up the mike. He had surprises in store furthermore for the audience. He said, “I have an extraordinary announcement for all of you,” he told the partying people about a precious diamond he had hidden in his mansion. He challenged all his guests to find the diamond. He promised that whoever would find the diamond could keep it as their own forever!

Suddenly the mood of the party changed. The guests were too excited by the challenge and began searching the mansion, high and low. Each one was determined to be the one to get the hidden diamond. They searched every room, every nook and cranny, but the diamond was nowhere to be found. Finally, as the end of the party came to a close, Laddu again took to the podium.

It was time to reveal the location of that diamond. He led all his guests to the store room at the back of the mansion. There were a lot of unusable items kept haphazardly. Laddu then pointed to a small, unremarkable-looking painting hanging on the wall. He explained that he had hidden the diamond behind the painting, and it had been there all along. Most guests thought the diamond would be hidden in the most unlikely location. Hence, almost all of them had scanned every place in the store room, but no one thought it could be out there!

The guests were shocked and amazed that the diamond had been right before them the whole time. They went closer to the painting and looked at it carefully. Something odd was noticed by them. That painting was not just any other painting – it was a world-famous masterpiece painted by Michelangelo – one of the greatest painters of all time! Obviously, as of date, the value of that painting was worth far more than that of the diamond!

There was a pin-drop silence in the room. People were not able to gulp the idea of this secret treasure. They which soaked with surprise, shock and pleasure – all at the same time.

Laddu smiled and explained that the true value of the treasure he had hidden was not in the diamond but in the painting. He had used the diamond as a lure to get all his guests to appreciate the real beauty right in front of them all along.

Friends, sometimes we can become so fixated on material possessions that we miss the true beauty and value of the things right in front of us. Money is a scary blinder. It makes us ignore the power of love, care, and emotions. That is the reason some families are disintegrating these days. It is essential to take a step back and appreciate the simple things in life that can bring us true happiness and fulfilment.



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