Trail Blazers unveil Douglas Fur, big foot, as the newest mascot

The Portland Trail Blazers revealed their new mascot Tuesday night.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The Portland Trail Blazers revealed their new mascot, Douglas Fur, Tuesday night at the Moda Center during a game against the New York Knicks. Blaze the Trail Cat, the current mascot, was also there to welcome the new member of the Blazers family.

The Blazers have been hinting at a Bigfoot reveal since last week with Portland comedian Ian Karmel. Karmel, the current co-head writer for CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” was seen in videos posted on twitter hunting for the legendary cryptid.

“WE’RE HOT ON THE TRAIL🦶 Stay tuned as illustrious Bigfoot enthusiast EXPERT, @IamKarmel scavenges the PNW for the hairy phenom,” Blazers said in the tweet. 

A few days later, the team added another tweet — this time accompanied by a video.

And on Tuesday afternoon, a few hours before the game, the hunt reached new heights when Karmel reached the Moda Center, leading him to some “wild” discoveries in the latest tweet from the Blazers. 

The tweet/video series was all part of the Blazers search for the legendary Bigfoot mascot that was last seen in 1988 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. 

According to a statement from the Blazers, Douglas Fur — or “Douggy,” as Blaze nicknamed him — is a relative of that first Bigfoot mascot ever witnessed by Rip City.

“Keeping himself hidden, Douglas has been living amongst the vast acres of Douglas fir trees in Forest Park and navigating over 80 miles of hiking trails, while naturally blending in with other un-shaven local hikers and explorers camouflaged in true hipster outdoor attire,” said the Blazers. 

Blaze discovered him in Forest Park, home to the largest tree in Oregon, and instantly befriended the timid and elusive Bigfoot. 

“With the help of his new best friend Blaze, Douggy has decided he’s ready to roam amongst the people and has selected Rip City as his new home!” the Blazers said.

Blaze is currently assisting and making sure Douglas Fur is comfortable in his new home. He will eventually be available outside of Rip City to meet with fans. 

Meet Douglas Fur

Name: Douglas Fur
Preferred pronouns: He/Him/His (all)
Character traits: Shy and timid but loves to pull pranks with his new best friend Blaze
Favorite spots in town: Rose Gardens, Washington Park and the Oregon Zoo

“Douggy would like to thank the North American Bigfoot Center of Boring, Oregon for their collaboration in teaching the Trail Blazers Team and fans all about Bigfoot!” said the Blazers.

Fans can catch a life-sized wooden carving of Douglas on the 300 level in Kid City. He also has his own limited-edition BIKETOWN Bikes around Portland.

To learn more about Douglas Fur, visit Follow Douglas Fur on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook via @douggyfur.

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