Why tableau professionals are in high demand and lucrative salaries rhey can expect

Tableau has emerged as a crucial player in the world of business intelligence and data analytics. Its ability to provide the necessary data for automation has made it a driving force in the tech industry. Moreover, it has been ranked as the global leader for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms by a management consulting company for the seventh consecutive year. As a result, numerous organizations worldwide are adopting Tableau, which has led to a surge in demand for Tableau professionals.

In fact, a recent study ranked Tableau third in technical skills with the biggest increase in demand, at a staggering 1,581%. With organizations generating nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, Tableau’s popularity is expected to soar. It’s anticipated that by the end of 2023, there will be a massive demand for data scientists and Tableau professionals worldwide.

Let’s explore how to become a Certified Tableau Professional and the importance of Tableau in any organization/career.

Tableau: A Game-Changing Data Visualization Tool

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that allows for real-time data analysis, making it essential in today’s data-driven industries. For instance, Swiggy and Zomato use data analytics to track food deliveries, and online shopping sites update real-time data to help with decision-making. Tableau is a reliable and user-friendly tool that limits the intervention of IT staff. It’s used by 90% of organizations that rely on data visualization, as it enables analysts to create new ways to view and analyze data quickly. Tableau allows for interactive data visualization, one view for multiple data sources, and creating dashboards that lead to actionable insights. It is widely used in various industries and does not require technical skills to operate. This ease of use is making Tableau careers increasingly popular.

The Rise of Tableau Careers: A Reflection of Data-Centric Organizations

Tableau’s career opportunities are skyrocketing, with new listings every 15 minutes. Online trends indicate a steady increase in interest in Tableau careers and coaching.

The reason for this growth is simple: there’s an abundance of data in the network, and it keeps multiplying. As businesses become more data-centric, they require professionals to analyze data quickly and make effective decisions. International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that data generation in 2020 was 50% higher than in 2010. With such a massive amount of data being used for business intelligence, skilled professionals are needed to extract useful insights. The handling of sensitive data also necessitates professional intelligence, leading to a significant demand for Tableau professionals.

Tableau Careers: Lucrative Salaries and High Demand

Tableau offers a highly rewarding career, with even entry-level positions earning an average of $106,000 per year, and top-end positions reaching up to $158,000. In India, Tableau professionals can expect an average salary of 500,000 INR. As the demand for Tableau professionals continues to increase, so does their earning potential.

Organizations consider Tableau professionals a critical aspect of their systems, offering competitive compensation to acquire and retain talent. According to a report, Tableau job opportunities in India offer an average salary of 5.5 LPA, with a range from 4.0 LPA to 9.0 LPA, depending on factors such as skill set, experience, company, upskilling history, responsibilities, and location.

With lucrative salaries and high demand, Tableau offers a range of job opportunities. 

Tableau Jobs: Consultants, Data Analysts, and Business Analysts

Consultant in Tableau

  • Converts raw data into easy-to-understand data
  • Designs interactive dashboards, reports, and templates
  • Focuses on data visualization
  • Average salary is 8.0 LPA, ranging from 3.7 LPA to 16.2 LPA as per the report
  • Skills required: dashboarding, visualization, data cleaning, and data modeling

Data Analyst

  • Uses techniques to analyze data and produce reports for decision-making
  • Procures data from primary and secondary sources
  • Identifies patterns and trends and interprets results
  • Average salary is 4.3 LPA, ranging from 1.9 LPA to 11.3 LPA as per AmibitionBox
  • Skills required: statistics, linear algebra, SQL, MATLAB, and calculus

Business Analyst

  • Works closely with business stakeholders to identify goals and objectives
  • Uses techniques and skills to improve business decision-making.
  • Average salary is 7.0 LPA, and the salary ranges from 3.0 LPA to 15.0 LPA as per the report.


The rise of Tableau careers is a reflection of the growing importance of data in businesses worldwide. With Tableau’s ability to provide real-time data analysis and visualization, it has become an essential tool in various industries. Its user-friendly nature has made it accessible to individuals with no technical background, further increasing its popularity. As the demand for skilled Tableau professionals continues to increase, so does the earning potential of those pursuing careers in this field.

The surge in demand for Tableau professionals is a clear indication that the ability to analyze and make effective decisions from data is becoming increasingly important. With data generation on the rise, businesses require professionals who can extract useful insights and make data-driven decisions. Tableau professionals have become an essential aspect of organizations, and they are compensated accordingly.

As the job opportunities for Tableau professionals continue to grow, individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in this field should acquire the necessary skills through certification programs and relevant work experience. The skills required for various Tableau careers include data modeling, data cleaning, visualization, statistics, and linear algebra. With the right skill set and experience, Tableau professionals can expect to earn lucrative salaries and have a bright future in a data-centric world.



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